Monday, April 5, 2010

A quick status report

I smell like a quite hampered perfumes' mix...and I already had showered. I hate when the guys spray these nauseously sweet scents on my hair, my dress and even on my skin. I could more appreciate water, to be honest. But I don't live in the countryside, and this tradition is kinda a little bit more typical there. These sissy, urban guys use these horrible patchoulis. :D And these times after I wash my hair, I still can smell the scents for days. Now I just put all my clothes which I weared today to the laundry, and I just hope to get them back without THE smell. Besides I had to listen to hundreds of poems, while I shall do something more meaningful. Like translating Gulliver's travels, or writing an english essay, or just rest a little bit. But the afternoon actually turned out very well, since I could prove to my sister's new boyfriend that I am not a total idiot, and actually I even made him laugh a few times with my sarcasm, which became my personality's part as the time passed, and now I don't even realise when I say something sarcastic. Actually my mom takes it as an insult sometimes, and it's kinda weird.
And now finally Jane Eyre started. I was waiting for it, I wanted to watch this movie a lot, before I read it. I know that from this the post is going to be meaningless. I am listening to it, and watching with my eyes attached to the screen. It looks good, and it really interest me. I hope I can watch it without falling asleep. 
So I just wanted to let you know how I am smelling, and I think I will for a couple of more days. :) I hope you all had as many easter-sprinkler-guys as you wanted. I hope you had wonderful easters with your family and friends. 



Anonymous said...

well my easter went greater than i thought, even though my parents completely forgot about it, only me, my neighbours and some friends had some easter-sprinkling but that's just because i'm Portuguese/ Hungarian and my neighbours are from Moldova. xD

dafo said...

Are you half Hungarian? Gosh! That's awesome! :D
And I'm happy that you had a great holiday!

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