Sunday, April 4, 2010

A sweet surprise in the corner

First of all! Happy Easter to all you of you who are celebrating it.  
This morning I was up early, at around 7am and I decided to finish pride and prejudice, which was amazing casually, and after I made myself to go to the bathroom. When I met my mom at the kitchen she was smiling at me wildly, and I couldn't take it anywhere. She didn't really used to be that happy in the mornings, but I didn't ask, she was just mentioning some eggs, but I couldn't really understand her, so I just sit down to eat breakfast with my family, because I was starving. The meal was of course ham and eggs. When I finished it, and went to my room,I undestood why mom was that weird this morning. I shall notice the chocolate eggs laying on the floor next to my door. I started to laugh at myself, and so my mom. Later this afternoon I promised to help her with the cooking, or beaking...I don't remember which one....:)
Now I am sitting on my bed, cuddlep up with a bunch of pillows, and just thinking. I still have no idea why I don't do anything during this weekend. Of course it's a feast and just several places are open, and If I would search I could find a bunch of things to do for school, but I am way too lazy after 7 months of hard work, which sometimes didn't even showed up. Leaving March behind me, I realised how tired I am, and how I can't concentrate at school anymore. In my classes all I do is yawning and suffering conspicuously and sometimes when the tiredness abates a bit, I only can think of the summer time, which is coming unstoppably. A few days ago, the day was sunny and warm, so I decided to go out and do there a blog post, or just talk with my friends, and so I went outside, and after a long attempt to arrange the chair to be like the-sun-is-not-bliding-me-but-still-will-have-a-good-tan arrange, I sat down and turned on my laptop. The main problem was that I couldn't see the screen in the sunlight, so I had to gave up this idea. Then I thought that I still can sunbathing but the wind strarted to blow, and it almost froze my hands to the chair as I was gripping it in the cold surprise. So after 5 minutes of arranging, sunbathing and freezing I decided to go inside, and stay in my room, and I was beguiling myself that in my spring break from school, I'll sit outside, tanning, and reading, but still it doesn't seem to come true. Yesterday was sunny, but not warm, and today the sun went on holiday too. I am waiting for a miracle, or just a little hope to find something good in my remainder break. Anyways, Happy Easter again! 



Anonymous said...

ahah, so your day is going quite well :-)
mine is like any other day, i think my family forgot that today's easter! xD
anyway, happy easter!!!

dafo said...

How could they forget it??? XD That's funny...Anyways, thank you! :)

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