Friday, April 16, 2010

Visiting an animal asylum

Hi people! It's Friday finally. This week had gone really fast, I didn't even realise how the days spent. I was just doing my everyday things, and the days passed like hours. It's really weird. But....I am a bit disappointed even though it's weekend! Tomorrow I have to wake up really early, just like in my usual weekdays. And the reason why I can't sleep as much as I should on a Saturday morning is that we are visiting an animal asylum with my class, and we have to meet up at 8.30am. What an idea! They are expecting us at 10.00am and the way to that place is really long. And of course we are meeting up earlier to make sure to reach the bus.
I am looking forward to it, each person can chose a dog, and this dog will stay with us all day. We have to walk, feed, and wash our dogs, and then I think clean their places. The only thing I am very afraid of is to see something that I don't want to! You know there are crazy people who can hurt to an animal, and I can't watch this. I can't bear if an animal has scars or something like that. I mean those really huge scarves. I brake into tears, or I have to go out of the room. I don't know what to expect. 
And I am of course a bit worrying about the dogs attitude. I hope they like humans, and won't bite my hands off. And for all of your surprise I am also afraid of that I won't be able to normally take care of a dog. I never had a dog, so I don't really know how to walk a dog, or how to wash one. I think it will be interesting watching me suffering with them. I think it will equal with a movie. 
Tomorrow I'll let you know what happened, cause I think I'll have a lot to say. Say a prayer for me! :)


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