Saturday, February 27, 2010

The end of the independence

OMG! My solitude is officially gonna get over tomorrow! 
Let's just say that in these past two weeks I had a little time to relax and now I have to strees a month again. I hope it's enough if I say that I have to live together with a really annoying person again. I hate this. I love when I'm on my own, just do whatever I want, and just chilling in my own place. But my place is not gonna be just my place for an another month again. When I got to know it a week earlier I lost all my cheerfulness. And now I'm spending my last lonely night, and then I have to say goodbye to all of it. I hope it turns out good and somehow it's not gonna be a month. 
And let me add that today I could go out with a bunch of, hilariously funny and lovely friends to watch a movie, and eat lunch together somewhere, and just allow myself to have a tortuous afternoon, after the eternal studying, but my parents didn't give me money! My mom told me that she was spending on me a lot this month, which is really-really true, and she asked me to try to practise the abandonment. So I didn't go, and when I spoke with Merci an hour ago she said that it's even better that I didn't spend on the movie ticket because the movie (The book of Eli) was a big crap, and they didn't enjoy a minute of it. And she said that somehow they weren't in their laughing mood, and instead of the habitual whinnying, they were just walking side by side without a word. That not that good, cause I think everyone was expecting a really good afternoon. Well, everyone has a bad day. 
So today I went out with my mom to the mall, where I didn't buy anything, but I wanted to. But we were both tired, and my legs were hurting because of the high heels, and I just got angry in the tiniest things. Maybe today is not the best for anyone. Right now I'm thinking about to start an essay, which I have to finish for Tuesday. So I think I'm going to write it, and then some TV or something. You know, enjoying the last hours of my independet life. 



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