Saturday, February 6, 2010

Crazy people's multitude

Hey everyone!
I have to be at Merci's house in an hour! Gosh! She asked me to dye her hair, and I couldn't say no, cause she was so upset, because her father said something....I don't what, she'll tell me later. I'm wearing that gorgeous red tunic, which I bought at promod, like a month later. I just said that because this is first time I ever wear it, and I'm corious what my friends will say about it. I hope they'll like it.... many of you know, we had a carnival at my school yesterday, which was settlet up by my class. I have to say that it was really good. I talked to some of my classmates, who I didn't really talked before, and I felt more comfortable with a lot of my girlfriends. In the beggining I wasn't in the mood for a carnival, but when Merci did my hair and we dressed up....well....a lot of my classmates laughed at us, of course, just because we looked funny. We did each other's hair like really cowgirls. We did two ponytails, braided them, and we put one colorful band onto each ponytails. We looked hilarious, cause we were wearing a plaid shirt, knitted up, so it was funny....I'll send a picture, but I only got the pictures tonight.
I was one of the girls who ran the tea room...again. Well it was an experience, I have to say. There is an Eglish teacher in my school, who just got back to the tea room for like a 100 times, and I couldn't understand what he was saying. He is from England, and he has a really hard accent....and you know that I'm not even American, how far is English accent from me. Anyways, I got a stupid dancer too, who asked me what tea am I drinking, and I was drinking banana tea (which was wonderful) and he said that : "Aha! Banana is really good!", he was a guy of course. So, I had really varied guests....even my self.knowledge teacher......I hope he thniks I'm opened enought that night! I mean running arund ith two ponytails braided, and that stupid costume....I am corious what will he say on thursday. 
In the end of the night we were eating at the buffet for free, and we didn't even had to pay for the tea. So, we were even smuggling food for other friends too. It was way too funny, cause everybody saw us carrying a bunch of food in every 10 minutes...
The party lasted unil 8pm but me and Merci stayed packing with Stacy, and we finished it at 9pm. She drived home and I called my mom to drive us home too. While were waiting in front of the school in totally dark, you won't believe what had happened! A car stopped by us, and we looked at it. A man and a woman were sitting in it, and they just got out of the car.You knowm, our look just stucked on them, cause of the tiredness, or something, and I heard the woman said something like "If they look at here again I'll whomp them!" and things like these! I didn't have a mortal fear ever in my life. But as they were slowly nearing us, we just got an idea how to rescue. The school was closed, but it has a ring, and if you push it, they can see you by a camera. So we pushed it, and the doorman let us in until mom arrived. And the married couple had gone. So we survived! I just don't know what they like about that! Crazy people! 


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