Friday, February 19, 2010

A couple days of solitude

So here I am again! I know that I'm a slacker, I mean I'm not posting so much recently. And there are many reasons....

1. I'm playing farmville all the time since last friday, and I can't go away whenever I start it. I'm obsessed with this game, and this is all of my friends fault, who made me do this game. They were all talking about it effusively at school, and they told me that I HAVE TO try it out. So I made a little farm last friday and now I'm in the 16th level. When I got home from school I always find myself in front of the computer which is not too good.

2.I'm super, hyper tired this week, cause I had to get up at 6 all the time, and today I almost had to kick myself out of the bed, and I had to collect a lot of power not to turn off my alarm and go back to sleep. It was terrible. I don't even know who was that stupid, cruel person who set this whole thing around the education. Waking up at 6....Pfffff. And I was alone for two days, cause Merci didn't come to school....she was ill. It was so bad, going to school alone. I hate walking alone.....and we are each other's habit. I found it today. Actually if we are walking alone we are missing each other. We've been walking to school together for 6 years now. Of course she is the person who I feel the most comfortable with. We can share everything, we are really like sisters. And of course I was tired today, and when I'm tired I can get mad because of a bad word. So today I wasn't nice to her, but she came to school.....

3. All I want to do, in each second of the day is talking to HIM! I can not think about anything else. And of course I am talking with him right now, but he is with his friend and he is not as communicative as he used to be, which is sad cause that was moment that I've been waiting for today. But who does not respect the small one does not deserve the big one, right? :D

So my friday is not that eventful.....again. But tomorrow my dad's birthday party is coming, and I hope that we are going to spinning too. Actually I don't like these big family events, cause we have a lot of loud relatives, but I think I'm gonna make it. I also have to learn a lot for Tuesday, and I don't really know anything. 
So that's for my weekend, I'll try to make myself do an another post in these days. 


Ps.: I have a few colors of the Nicole by OPI nailpolishes. I haven't heard about them before, but I got them from my mom. I got 4 colors. I don't know....I used a metal one now, and it's gorgeous. If you heard anything about tha please let me know!


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