Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Living without privileges

Hey everyone!
So first of all, I have to say that my life is outrageous right now. Nothing interesting going on with me, and I have to go to school on the dawn of the dawns, which is laceration! Sometimes when we have holidays I have motivation like "OMG! We only have two weeks left" or something, but now the earliest break we have is in April! How far is that??? There is not even a thing I'm looking for in the future! Ok, there is one, a teeny-weeny thing. I asked my mom to go to the OPI store, and buy me some polishes, but this is going to be tomorrow! On the 10th of FEBRUARY! There is one thing that would make my anticipation better....If the slugging sun would rise, and the temperature would be 30 centigrades! But that's really far either, so I said that my life is just a big mess now.
I don't even learn, since the holidays , and I think that I should do something with myself, and I always do promise myself that I'll study tomorrow, but that seems impossible whenever I sit down with a book, but If I just thinking, that's a lie, cause I don't even make my way to pick up a book, just when I'm packing to my bag. What a sloth I became! I can't believe it! But tell me one thing! How is that even possible that someone, who should be sitting in a chair at the school, is just landing in an another country, as a holiday while we are just going to school, and learning, and stuffs like that?! Cause that's the other thing which makes this whole thing even more unbearable. I want to go to holidays too, while other people suck in school, and I want to get out of here a little bit too! But let's just face the truth, my parents would never let me go anywhere during school! That is just so unfair! Right now all I want to do, is chop off my head, or something like that!
But let's just say that we have only 3 more days until the weekend, which means me a buch of fun things! First of all, I'm going to a face treatment, to a cosmetician! She's my mom's girlfriend, and they are talking sometimes, and I always wanted to make my face cleaner, and my mom just settlep up everything for me for this Saturday! But I'm still thinking that I really need this or not! So I don't know.....and the other thing is that I wanna spend money! Gosh, all I want is shopping right now, but I think I'm going at the weekend, I just don't know who I'm going with....Maybe with my sister or someone who would like come with me....IDK! 
I can't really say anymore, so I'll go!



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