Friday, February 26, 2010

A wonderful day with my lovely friends

Well, hello again! Forgetting the fact that I had no appetite yesterday to go to the island, we had a really great girls day! I mean it was a REALLY kind of girls laughing all the time, while we go, the sun is shining and WARM!!! for the very first time this year...actually we had around 15-20 celsius here, and for the very first time this year I could take off my winter jacket outside. I was walking in that beautiful place in a pulover, the sun was warm, the birds were tweeting....that was a perfect spring day. 
At first we had to go by a lot of vehicles to get there, and we all actually met with our perfect guy at the metro station. Me and Merci never like the same guys, expect HIM, but now we were just melting....He was really hot. Back to the theme....When we arrived there we had to find that gravestone, but it was really difficult, cause there were a bunch of statues and things like that around everywhere. But then we found it and we met two guys who were actually drunk. They were climbing in the debris of the sometime convent. But we weren't make a big deal about that, we took some pictures (cause that was all we needed to the project from the island) and we made our way to a McDonald's. Casue we were starving, but we had to walk like half hour to reach the restaurant, and let me add that I was in high it wasn't that comfortable, as I expact it. A lot of running people were there in that beautiful day, and once when a girl was running towards me I just fell in love with her T-shirt. So when she passed me, I turned around to see it from behind too, and I saw the two guys from the gravestone. I thought that they were just walking there, but after a while when we were about to arrive to the restaurant, they were still behind us, and they were actually almost running to reach us, then we finally entered at Mcdonald's and we just calmed down. That was kinda scary. But then we talked for almost an hour, and it was really great. 
Here is a funny sidestory....When we were about to go home, we saw a store window, with a huge sale, and we just realised that the shirts were oly around a dollar, and the scarfs too. We were about to in, when a nice, old lady told us that it is a dry goods store. It was hilarious. I think around fifty people could walk and hear us in that minute and I think they all thought that we are not normal. 
So it was a really-really good day. Now I'm going cause I have to do some errands.



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