Sunday, February 7, 2010

The wannabe popstars

I got home from Merci's party like two hours ago. It wasn't that "Gosh-that-was-the-best-party-I-have-ever-been-in" but it was a really good girls night! Anyways....They really loved my tunic....:D
So I don't really know where to start....We began with the welcome drink again! Now it had only 17% alcohol content, and it was really sweet, something coconut. It was too enough to not to be shy, cause we were singing all night long. There were Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, High school musical, Britney Spears, Abba, Aly and AJ, Camp rock, and a lot more. Really. My friend brought karaoke cds, and mikes, and so now, I know that I won't be a singer....:D I really don't have the voice for it....but none of
There was even a "striptase" show. Dont't get me wrong. Not between us...My girlfriend's boyfriend lives far away from her. They talked on skype last night, when we were there, and we were teasing the guy to take off his shirt, cause my girlfriend said that he has a really good body. So we didn't stop the teasing, and finally he said that he will take off his shirt if she will just take off her shirt. We just made her!!! And so the guy....:) His body weren't that wonderful, but it was good. But his face....gosh, he's really-really cute! I saw pictures of him, but I never thought that he is that sweet.
Of course there was a huge dinner again. We had cheese cream soup, and chicken with cauliflower which tasted wonderfully. After that meal I felt that I gained 10 punds, and my stomach was really strainig, but we had to eat a little birtday cake. Well they give us huge pieces, and I couldn't eat it all. But it was really good. I only could eat again after 1am. I ate a little chips, nothing else....:) 
And OMG! How are these girl's nights are going with you guys? I mean we have that stupid thing that we should stay up until 4 am, and things like that. Why is that soooo good? I mean, why are they crucifing themselves when they can't make their eyes stay open!? I won't ever get this....Isn't is the best when everybody's going to sleep when they want to? Cause this night, one of friends, were really tired by 2 am, and she wanted to go sleep. I even turned the lights off, to let her sleep, and then the other girls were teasing her not to sleep. Nevermind! Just tell me if everybody's doing this or not!
But then everybody went to sleep by 3 am, and we got up at 8am. For the breakfast we had two huge pizzas, which were baked by Merci's parents. They were delicious. So kinda that was the party, and it was sometimes boring sometimes not. There was a point when I almost went home, cause I called my mother, and she didn't feel very well, and she was alone at home. So I was thinking really badly, but then I made myself to stay, cause I knew that Merci won't ever forgive me if I go.
She's better now. I'm going to rest I think, cause I'm really tired!



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