Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unnecessary things to do

Gosh! February is almost over! How times passes....:S It seems like that the first day of January was yesterday, but not....
Today! Wow! I have a lot of things to tell! First of all, I have been learning for a huge "exam" for literature, since the second week of February, and today was the big day. I have to say that I had thousands of butterflies in my stomach all day long, and I even asked my mom to write me a justification for PE cause I wanted to learn while the others were having volleyball....(I hate that sport the most), so I was learning when Merci came up with the idea that we can report to the teacher when we didn't learn something. I didn't really wanted to do it, but during these big exams I forget everything when I have to say something. So we reported it to the teacher but she didn't accept it, because it was an announced exam! So I have to say that I was really nervous, Let's say that I haven't been that nervous for a long time. When she was about to ask me, she just went trough me, and she didn't call me. I couldn't believe in my luck....everyone was teasing me in the end of the class, cause I didn't have to do anything while they were suffering. :) 
I don't why did this happen, but I was really happy...then maybe someone thought that this luck was enough for the day, cause when we arrived to the last lesson, which was physics, which I hate the most, and which I don't know, the teacher thought for a moment and she asked a guy to say a number. He said 14 and the teacher said 1 so the number was 15. I had no idea what was she talking about, but when she asked me to go to the board, and she told me that she is asking me about the previous theme, we learnt, I couldn't even think about anything. (She asked me cause I'm the 15th in the checklist) It's obvious that I didn't learn a word yesterday cause I was learning other things....So in the end my mark turned out to a C and I was really thankful....:( I know it's a really good mark, but OMG in the beggining I was about to get an E, cause I couldn't sy anything. But somehow I just made it to a C.....gosh....And the best is that....(drumbeat) tomorrow physics exam! :D That teacher is crazy! And the math...I don't even know what the teacher is talking about! I mean I have double lessons, cause I don't undestand it, and this is still not enough to get it. Maybe there's something wrong with me....but I don't think so, cause not I'm the only one who don't know it. 
And on Thursday I have to go to the Margaret Island wih a bunch of my friends because we have to do a project for school, and it's really far away. We need and hour or more just to get there. Then we have to find a gravestone, and a couple of more things. :S
Now, I'm going to learn and relax a little bit! 



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