Thursday, February 4, 2010

The uncommunicative cowgirl

Wow! I have a billions of errands today! 
Even if it's already 3 pm here, and I just got home from school, but I felt that I need to write down the things which had happened to me, and which will happen.....I'm kinda confusing, aren't I? Maybe it's the self-knowledge class, which I had last today. I thought that I'm going to sleep, but then I got a sharp observation.
I know that the teacher (he) didn't want to make it obvious that he is talking to me, but he was looking at me 90% of the time. Let's just start at the beggining. These classes always start the same. You have to tell to the "teacher" that how you feel, and how was your week, and etc...So when I had to tell something, there were nothing meaningless I could say, so I only said that I'm fine, and nothing interesting happened to me. Then when the class slowly arrived to its end, he just said that WE should be more opened to the people because he doesn't know anything about US! He was obviously looking straight in my eyes, while he was talking, not to mention, that he was even looking at me when I casted my eye down. I don't know what's his problem. None of us in the class said anything interesting than me, so I don't kow.....
So back to the errands....Until this evening I have to bake some cookies, for the tomorrow's carnival, I have to make my outfit, or let's say costume. Well, okay! That's kinda funny! Me and Merci didn't know who we'll be, but then a few days ago, she said that she's going to be Leia Skywalkwer, with her hair and everything. I was in a big trouble cause I had no idea who or what I should be! Then yesterday I called her, and she said that she was just joking abou Leia, so we are going to be.....(drumbeat).....cowgirls! :) Yeah! We just settled everything. The hair, make-up, clothes....everything. We are going to wear a plaid shirt (which we gonna tie up it underneath our breasts), jeans, some kind of brown boots, and we or just me gonna have a hat like these girls have. Then out hair will be in two ponytails which we gonna braid. And the make-up is something that we'll doin the evening, tomorrow, so If I can I send here a picture of us. So the errands....I also have to learn for geoghraphy, cause we'll have an exam tomorrow. I could get out of it, cause Stacy (my for master) said that she wants to go to spinning, cause she doesn't have a 3rd and a 4th class. But me and Merci have but she said that she can work this out...and I said that I don't go....If I'll go, and I won't be able to stay awake in the carnival....So I said no, but Merci said OK! :( 
Today I have to do my nails too, and I think that's all. But I have no energy to do these at all! I just want to sleep. I have spiritual problems, cause I just realised that I can't do my saturday's beauty sleep, cause Merci has her bday party.....I'm gonna be like a zombie all week long! I hate these let's-stay-up-for-really-late things! Sometimes my friends act like little girls! Ahhh! Let's just forget about it! I think I'm going to bake that stupid cake, then learn....and etc. 



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