Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something reeks much!

Hi everyone!
Right now I'm sitting here and munching on my breakfast, because my lessons for today had been me! :) Just don't judge me! You'll think that I'm always like that, but today was an emergency. Yesterday we were celebrating my sister's 24th birthday and I had no time to learn for a huge exam...which is coming today. So I rather chose to stay at home, and doing nothing. But there is something which always sticks my eyes. I don't know maybe there is something wrong with me, but I can't get it. In short the problem is a guy. I mean I am not outraged because of the guy, just because of the situation. Me and Merci didn't go to school today as I mentioned, and we were already up at 8. So we logged into messenger. As we were talking we realised that our friends are online and we couldn't take it anywhere, cause they supposed to be at school. So we started a conversation (they were only because the teacher let them use the net), and they told us that while they were walking to the school, the guy we adore just started talking to them. This guy obviously one of the best in my school, and he looks a bit like Robert Pattinson. Who wouldn't like him? So he already caught our adoring eyes melting out of their places,  like a million times, and all I can say is that I think he was a bit frightened of the sudden devotion which he got in this year. So the point...I received the news disbelievingly, because I was wayyyy jealous of them. What the hell is going on here? When I am not with them he just walks over to talk?!!! Actually the girls we are talking about not that pretty. I am NOT mean, but really. I know a lot of gorgeous girls, but they are actually not, and he just likes them? I can not believe it! So we are a bit depressed this morning, and we think that we have to be really ugly or something even worse. I don't know. 
But I just tell you about the "party"....First of all. You may know that I ordered a towel for her, and they said that I can take it home a week later which was yesterday. I was a bit scared that I have to take it on her bday, but I was way happy that I can give it to her in time. When I arrived to the shop, and I rattled what I want, because I was in a rush, cause I had to buy candles too, the shop assistant was lokking at me like I came from a different planet. She slowly told me that the towels arrive the next day. I almost rip my hair out. I have to go back today, but if it won't be there I'll rip the girl's hair out. 
So eventually everything turned good by the evening, I even calmed down. When I arrived home, someone was ringing, and my dad checked who was it. I didn't really give any attention to it, but when my dad came back with a huge bouquet of roses and lilies, I almost fell over. Then I immediately understood everything. It was from her boyfriend who is working in Spain right now, and he couldn't be here with her. When my sister came home, she checked the card, and it simply said: Happy birthday honey, I wish you the best. I was actually in tears. This is the sweetest thing ever. Then she told me that in the morning when she arrived to her workplace, there was a little, red box , and sweeties on her desk. It was from HIM! It was two pairs of beautiful earrings. She still has no idea how he did it. 
Later this evening we ate a lot of pizza, because we didn't go out anywhere, and then we just served the cake with a huge candle 24 on it. She didn't really want to be 24, she always says that she is really old, and craps like that. To 10pm I was exhausted, and I barely could make my eyes stay open, so I went to sleep with the heady sense that I don't have to wake up in the morning.


PS.: The birthday girl is in the middle in the white pulover. I'm in the pink....:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm glad you like it!
Your blog is really cool too - kind of like a mini journal - but it really shows the things that teenage girls go through!
Keep writing!
Helen xx

dafo said...

Hi! Thanks for checking back here! :)


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