Saturday, March 20, 2010

Introduction, books, and lating, all in one

Gosh! I'm just flustering out of my pants....My sister's boyfriend coming around for the first time ever, and I just don't know how to act, how to say hi, or even just how to dress up. I had never been good in meeting new people, because I am way too nervous, and I don't know what to say, and my face turns crab red and they think that I'm a total idiot. But I just have this problem....well I think I should go and see a doctor...So today I was cleaning my room, arranging everything and just stuffs like that. Before, in the morning I just went out to a mall, bacuse I had to buy an another oxford bookworms book...which I have to read until April. It's Gulliver's travels. So I won't be bored.
And today I just talked with an old friend of mine again, after a really really long time. And it made me happy. Ohhh! I almost just forget about that. I finally made myself to buy  pride and prejudice, because I just love the 6 hours long movie, but I haven't really read it before. So now I can just adoring it. :) Also, yesterday evening was just way too funny. To understand the whole thing I tell you  a few things before I start the story.

1.: My sister is working as you know, and she has her own car and everything, but she has a really good friend at her workplace and this friend always picks her up, and takes her to the office too.

2.: My sister is never on time. No matter how much earlier she wakes up, it's just her. We just used to it, because we are sisters, but sometimes, I just got  mad too, when we have to arrive somewhere. So, her friend is ALWAYS waiting in the car every single morning, and they both arrive later. Until yesterday...:)

Because her friend just left her here....:) I think he (because this friend is a he) just got enough of the eternal waiting, and nicked off. Well, we weren't blaming him or everything but yesterday evening we were laughning on him a lot. He acts childishly, because he is now mad at my sister, because he didn't go down in time. But come on. He should be malevolent or something....they talked about before, and my sister clearly told him, that he can go if she lates, and now he did it, and he pissed off. Cool! So we were laughing a lot in this situation, and now I am just nervous....he will be here in 3 hours I think...Well, I hope I won't make a fool of myself. Wish me all the best, please!!! :)
What do you think, how I should act? Or when I hear that they arrive, should I go out of my room, or wait till they just come to my room?? 



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