Monday, March 8, 2010

A new addiction

First of all I want to wish a really beautiful women's day to all of you girls! I have nothing interesting to do otherwise I wouldn't sit here with a string of chocolate, so I hope you'll enjoy it better. I don't even have a boyfriend to celebrate with. What a wretch I am! :)
To be honest I don't feel very well right now, I don't know what happened, I'm just freezing in a moment and in the next I am hot. And my stomach is hurting too, cause I think I ate too much, because when I got home from school I was starving, and I just ate everything in my way. So you can imagine. 
So yesterday.....well, I don't even know where to start....the first spinning wasn't that hard as I expected, but it was way enough to feel extremely tired, but after we went to the gym and I ran for like 30 minutes, then we went to that simple body training, and after 20 minutes we left the class, because the only thing we did was for the legs, and they were already hurting after spinning, so I think it was fear. Then it was around 2, and we decided to go home, and so we did.
When I got home my sister, who was planned to go to the gym at 5 to reach the kangoo, was really suprised, and she just made me somehow to go back. But I didn't want to go without Merci, so I called her, and she said that she won't come back and things like that, but then I just made her to come with us. So let me add that this was the very first time that I have ever had a kangoo jumps shoe on my feet, and I barely could stand. But the first problem was that we didn't know that we should have sneakers on or not when we go out of the changing room...:D But forgetting these little balks I fell in love with this sport. I just LOVE the whole feeling, when everybody is jumping around, the music, which is really great, is really loud, and everyone is screaming. I think I found my perfect excercise. I said that spinning is goos, but I always felt that something is missing, when I'm cycling. Well I think I found out. I was missing this crazy feeling. OMG! It was really good. 
Now I have a muscle strain in my legs, my arms., and even in my stomach. 



Anonymous said...

hey happy women's day
i really like your blog :-)

dafo said...

Thank you you're really sweet! I'll check yours too!

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