Friday, March 26, 2010

It means just an another year

Why do people make such a big deal about a name day? I don't know how many countries celebrate name days, but I think some people might overreact it. Ok, I really do love to get presents this day, but all I have to say that this whole thing only means that an another year passed again over us, and sometimes this year seems only a month or a week...I clearly can remember what I exactly did a year and a day ago.  I was celebrating with Merci, at my place, and we were after a hard school day, on Friday. We ordered pizza, and just talked for hours. My parents didn't really make a big deal about that, and I don't even remember what I get. From Merci, I know that I got hair curlers, and I got Zac Efron socks....:D I was a huge fan a year ago....still I haven't really weared it, and to be honest I don't really want looks sooooo cool. So it was my last years celebration, and I remember that when I was a child I only got flowers and chocolate, but now many people stress a lot on my presents. Wouldn't it be so easy to give me a bouquet of flowers? I would feel really honored, because I really love flowers...but they just want to buy something permanent. And this morning I was surprised when I saw a huge Betty Boop paperbag in my best friend's hand. I instantly got the whole thing, she didn't really have to say "Happy name day" or something....I was way too pleasured that I got a Betty Boop bag, and I had to admire it for like 5 minutes before looking inside. I got Jane Austen's Persuation, which I haven't read before, but I heard that it's a great book. Then I just got a Betty Boop mirror, which looks extremely cute!!!! I was in amazement. Then I got a Betty Boop keychain too, and little envilop with a card in it. It says happy name day to the bestest friend. Awwww! :) So my day just tured out pretty well, confuting my early morning feelings, that the life is not made for me this day.
Tomorrow you won't guess who's coming around....yes, my sister's boyfriend. I think he only comes here, because he knows how much jealousy I feel for the happy couples...:) But let's just face it, they ARE happy, and this is sooo unfair. But I am, of course, happy for them. I am sooo corious that he will say anything to me or not...:D Cause my name day is actually on Saturday, but I got the present from Merci today, cause she won't be able to give it to me tomorrow. So I am just corious....
Then I just want to buy Nicholas Sparks's Last song, which only comes out on the last day of March here. I just need to finish two books before I buy it....:S I hope there will be more when I got there, because in the front cover of the book, there is Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. I think it's the movie poster, but I am not sure. 


PS.: The picture is the cover of the book.


Robyn Campbell said...

Thanks for the visit and follow. I love your blog. Cool! 'Happy name day'. (^_^)

dafo said...

Thnk you sooo much! :)

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