Saturday, March 6, 2010

The sunshine in my life

Hey guys!  
So my mood is actually the best since this certain problem happened here. I am finally ALONE, just by myself cause SHE is working and later she is going out with her almost-boyfriend. So I hope that she'll get home really late, and we won't see each other just in the morning. 
The other reason for my happiness, is the sunshine. It's ok that here is around 5 celsius, and I'm still freezing as I sit here, but the sunshine is way enough for now. And of course right now I'm talking with HIM, and he always gives me the best mood, with his charm, provision, and gentleness. Some day a girl would really-really love him. And I think in a point I'll be jealous. Not because I love him, just because I think every girl deserves a guy like him, but not all of us is that lucky. Well, I hope that girl will be really sweet, and caring. I'll commend it to her!!!! Watch out honey, I'll be there! :D
I don't think I mentioned before that...ok, I think you know these traditions but I explain it. Before we finish school, at June, we have a 4 days long holiday with the class. Each class can go wherever they want to go. Well, we are going to lake Balaton, to have a 4 days long cycling-tour. Me and Merci couldn't be more joyful, but the other part of the class are revolting. I don't know. I think it will be one of the best parts of the summer, and I think that it won't be hard. Otherwise it's an elemental truth that biking is not hard. Just spinnig but that's a whole other theme. If we can spin the pedal without stopping for 60 minutes I think I'll be able to do this. And I don't think that a 16 years old have to do spinning to be able to do a little biking around a beautiful lake.
So I think it was yesterday when we were talking with Stacy (my teacher and my friend as well) and you know that we haven't seen her boyfriend before. Ever!! And she just spilled out that she is bringing him too, to the holiday. OMG! My mouth dropped and we looked at each other with Merci, which of course was caught by Stacy. She just laughed at us, but we are actually really corious, to meet him! I never expected that I'll ever gonna see him. Obviously, I can't wait till June. 
And OMG! I just figured it out yesterday, that I have only 3 months left from school, which is absolutely weird. I mean we just started it, I remember when I wrote down how much I hate that I have to wear black and white on the very first day. And now we have only 3 months left. YAY! I can't wait until summertime! Beaches, sunhine, free time, and sleeping is all about summer, and way more. The best time of the year! And me and my sisters also planning to go somewhere together. Just the three of us. It would be loads of fun! 
Last but not least! Tomorrow is gonna be a really hard day for me. I wake up at around 7.30 and I'm heading straight to the gym, because we have full-day long, free tickets to all of the trainings, because Monday is woman's day. We are going to have a 90 mitutes long spinning, then an hour break, then a simple body training, then an another 60 minutes long spinning, which I'm not sure to go, and the last is a Kangoo jumps at 6 to 7. At the breaks we are going to work out at the gym I think. So  all I can say is that we'll die! :D 



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