Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is the spring better with a guy?

Will this really last forever? 
I didn't really got an answer for this question since I used to ask this from myself as long as I became a tenager. These days the spring finally reached my little town, with its sunshine, and warmth. And now, all I can see is cuddling couples walking side by side and hand in hand in the warm wind, while they seem to really enjoy each other's company. I could deduce it from their cracking kisses, and tinkling laughters which they share in every minute. I think only one thing can mess these couples cloudless happiness, and this thing is my envious look, and my disturbing shoe with a squelchy sole because of my drool dripping out of my mouth straight to the ground as I look at them. Well that's not that idyllic, but they have to bear me....if I bear them too. So the pont is that I want my smart, funny, and intelligent other half of me to finally find me. Am I asking for too much? Or maybe am I asking something impossible? Ok, I don't say that I seriously need a guy or something, but it's so hartbreaking to see those so-much-in-love couples walking around, and leaving jealousy in the single girl's heart. Even in my school my friends are seem to make new relationships, while they can only see my sour expression instead of my support. But when I feel that I suffered enough, I just reposing myself with a stupid but simple thing. While they became more and more in love I just learn even more at home, and I become smarter and smarter. I only say that because you won't ever guess what happened today!! I just got a B for my physics essay! Which is a miracle in my life...:) The teacher even told me that she is proud of me. I was about to stand up, and dance through the classroom, but then I just softly smiled at the teacher. 
As I mentioned my sister's boyfriend visited us for th first time, and I have to say that he is really cute, and a thousand times better than her old boyfriend. He looks smart and intelligent with his bright blue eyes, and he seems to be in a really good mood, because he is always smiling or laughing at something. I think that I don't have to mention that he is super funny too....I think some bad luck follows me or smething. Why can't I just find a guy like him? I mean of course I make a fool of me in front of guys like them....when he just introduced himself to me I only could say a shy hello, and that was all. Later when they asked me what's wrong I just humbled myslef and used the always believable excue: I am just tired! So it was kinda embarassing...Now I have to go! Have a nice day!



Anonymous said...

i know exactly what you mean in that "being single on springtime and looking at a lot of couples kissin", OMG that same thing is happening to me!

but you shouldn't really worry about that, you're a really beautiful, rather intelligent and funny girl, soo basically, all boys should be falling for you ;-)
i bet that soon our luck is gonna change too x

dafo said...

So I am not the only one...:)

Well, what you just said is really cute, but as it seems maybe the guys are just actually blind, or deaf or both of them, cause none of them can see or hear me...XD
But I hope that our time is gonna arrive soon! :)

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