Saturday, March 27, 2010

One day can mean mourning and feast

Happy name day to myslef!!! :D:D ( )
Here we are again! The day when we are mourning instead of the party that we should throw. We would absolutely have a lot of people here, cause I, of course, would invite all of my friends, and I think we would spend the day amazingly. But this is the day when my grandma died, exactly eighteen years ago. I didn't know her, and of course she didn't know me either. I bornt 2 years after her death. When my parents chose my name, didn't know which day is it, but when they realised it, they didn't want to change it. These days my grandpa always in deep sadness, and he just sticks it to other people too. This morning he was the first who wished me to have this day houndred times more in my life, and he seemed happy....but then we had breakfast he just looked really sad. I wanted to hug and comfort him, but then I rather chose to stay in the background. I think he is a bit made for himself. He doesn't really like when someone take care of him. He doesn't like to show that he is old, he doesn't even let anybody to do anything instead of him. He usually does the washing up, sometimes he cleans the house, makes my bed....and whenever we try to dissuade him to do these things, he just pisses off. So I rather let him to do it, just like now, mourning deep inside of himself. He maybe feels better because he does this thing. I mean he didn't have any women in his life since grandma died. He really loved her. But she is dead for 18 years now. Which is really-really heart-breaking. So today when me and my mom were about to go to buy some things in a mall, just mentioned me grandma. She misses her so much, and she said that sometimes when she can't sleep, she often thinks of her. I almost cried....
And now, to make this post a little bit I was writing here, a man just started to play in an accordion while he was walking around the houses, and my grandpa just gave gim money to stand under my window and play for me. I was shocked. :D He was smiling at me, and playing. Actually he did it very well, but I have no idea who was this person....I never saw him, or anyone walking around and playing in an accordion. But it was way tooooo sweet from my grandpa. I love him!! :) I think this was the sweetest present for me. 
And to talk about the present and make this a little bit of haul blog post I tell you what I got from my parents. I got a leather pink, and purple huge wallet with flowers on it. And it looks adorable. Then I got pride and prejudice for my name it wasn't a suprise. Then I also got some money, and I think that's all...Now, I'm going because I think I'll help my mom cooking. I am starving....:)



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