Monday, May 3, 2010

A one-off, and life changing chance

We just finally reached my favourite month of the year! I've been whining about the three-weeks-long-rain, the huge snow, the cold weather, and just many things I hate about winter, but now I can go out in a t-shirt and in ballerina shoes. How cool is that? It's May!!!
I know I told you before that this is my favourite month, and the reason is a bit complex. This is the month of my birthday, and I think it's kinda goes back to my childhood, when I was waiting for my presents in the rising sun, and it was always a good memorie for me. Now, I just love the whole month, my birthday, and everything. This year I asked for a camera, which is just mine, cause there are always a lots of arguments about the one we have now. So I hope I'll get my pink one. Today I also got to know that my lovely friends are really planning me a bday party, which is a sleepover too. It's my birthday, on the 15th of May, Saturday. I hope it will be a really good day, and I will be able to enjoy the party with my firends in the evening. 
Also! Yesterday we went out with my sisters, to pierce our ears again, but this time, I pierced a pair, one in my left, and one, in my right ears. Now I have 3 holes in my left ear, and 2 in my right. I just love it, but that's all. I won't get anymore. I just decided it this night, when I wasn't able to sleep much, because my ears were hurting, and I barely could sleep in my sides. That was horrible. And it's still hurts, when I touch it, or something. But I survived the very first one in January, so I think nothing will be wrong. 
Today we did not have  lot of school, and that means that tha senoir classes are graduating, and we had school in the afternoon, and it's going to be the same the next two days too. I am happy, cause I can sleep as long as I want to, and then I have hours to make myself ready for school. 
There is also a thing which is making me sad and excited in the same time. A friend of mine, told me that me and Merci can go to England to study in a university, when we finish the school. I was happy of course, that she can make it work, cause it would be a huge experience for me, studying in England, but I don't know how I'll be able to leave my family here. I really miss my parents, and my sisters even if I go somewhere for a week. What would I do if I go to England for half years?? My sister will be pregnant around this time, and I wanna be there, and see every part of her pregnancy. I wanna see how my little cousin will born. I know I am running in time, but it makes me wanna cra, if I think about leaving everything behind me. It  freaks me out. But it's 3 years away from me, so I have time to think, and find a suitable result. 



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