Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do we really have to say goodbye so early?

I just got home from a meeting at school. We had kinda an evening with the parents, and the students and we talked about all the stuffs we had to kinda analyse a bit. It was just my class. We had so much fun arranging all the tables and chairs, putting all the colored, plastic cups on the tables, and all the sweets perfectly together of course in the cutest ways. We watched our spinning video together, and joked around with my classmates all evening, and I felt over the moon. 
Of course, how it's used to be, my happiness did not last for long. Just a few parents stayed at the school, along with me, Merci, and two other friends. And this is also important that I've heard a really sad thing about my "english fairy"! She is deciding leaving the school, and leaving US! I was so upset but I did not cry or anything. I just accepted it! She chose the worst school ever, cause all the teachers are old, and the most important, that they are old-fashioned. My favourite teacher of the world is just so fresh, and acting and thinking young, and in a true, real aspect. She is always right, has the best and cutest ideas, and always laughing at something like a little girl. But the other teachers look at her like a fool, and never, ever admit her as a person there. They act with her like she is the last offender in the world, because she is not a sour, old lady, who doesn't like children. And now this evening, when we were standind there with just these few people, she told it to the parents, and some of classmates, cause we were the only one who knew it, and I was trying so hard holding back my tears, but when I looked at Merci, and I saw she was crying, and all her face is covered with tears, I couldn't hold them back any longer. We just hugged each other and cryed. They tried to comfort us, but it did not last for long. When we said our goodbyes for this day, she was driving in front of us, and I saw a tear on her cheek. It was so heart-smothering, and we were crying all the way to our home. Still now, sometimes it's difficult to type, causeI can't see much from my tears. I know that she hasn't even decided it yet, but even thinking of makes me sick. This evening started good, but it turned out sooo emotional, and ti became a disaster. Now I'm going to sleep cause my eyes are red and puffy!



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