Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A gift giving fairy from England

Gosh! Today was just so much fun for me. In the morning as Me and Merci were waiting for the bus to come, my english teacher (and our friend) picked us up, and just drove us to school, because she saw us satnding there and she thought that it would be generous not letting us waiting. Actually she just got home from England, and as we arrived to school, she did not let us go until she did not give presents for us. She was soooo sweet, because she knows that we can't really giving it back to her, cause I can't just fly to London and shop her a bunch of cute things, leaving behind my school, and just stuffs like that. So she was really sweet!! She bought us pretty much the same things, some cute things from River Island, I don't know who knows this, and I got a flamingo patterned flip flop, which looks hilarious. We also got some sweets, but during some pretty exhausting classes we ate them. It was a really good day for me, and as I just look through my week, the what's-gonna-happen-this-week part, well I'm getting more excited in every second, thinking about my birthday with my family and my friends. Oh yeah! Well that's a big thing which really bothers me. It's so cruel not knowing what they are planning. They even go out of the classroom without me to discuss the party plans, and I just feel sooo curious and sad at the same time. Tomorrow they are going shopping, and I am not allowed to go!!!!! I was like what? It's ok that they have no idea what the hell they should buy me, but come on! They could really buy me a simple thing, and if we are here, I don't really care about the presents. If they don't give me any, well that's it. Which means a lot to me is that they want to celebrate it with me, and that's what matters.
We went shopping on Sunday as I mentioned, and I bought my party outfit. I just found a cute pink top with no back and no pants, and it has a bunch of ruffles on it. I'll post a picture later when we are partying. 
And now as my teacher was in England, I think learning in England would be such an amazing thing, and OMG! I'll be shopping and walking in the cities all the time, and just spend a lot of money. I want to live there for my college years, and I know that I will miss my family sooooooooooooooooo much, I can't even write it down how much, but I know that they are supporting me, and they all told me to do it, no matter what. I think it's my chance to move my life somewhere. Plus, my parents will be super proud at me! :D



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