Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A rarely used ability

OMG! I am so sorry that I've been gone for a whole week, but the last few days were really crazy for me. And of course I was really lazy, doing some blog posts, but most of the time I was doing errands, went shopping, met with friends, tried my bicycle after 6 years, visited my once-upon-home, went on a trip to the palace of magics, and etc. 
We had a long weekend, because of the feast we have here, and I don't know where else, but we did not have school, and work and such things like that on monday, so I was able to relax a bit. I had to sleep after all what happened to me the weekend. On friday I tried biking after 6 years, and I have to say it did not went good. I mean I can ride my bicycle but my dad was waiting for me, he wanted to go around the town, I just went outside to try for a minute, and I couldn't go in a straight line. He was absolute out of himself. I had to listen to him while he was literally humbling me, cause I wasn't able to do a circle or whatever he wanted me to do. It ended up crying in my room, and being mad at him for days. But the next day was just even more interesting, cause we were able to biking around the school and everywhere with some of my classmates, and I was so happy, that we are doing this on a beautiful, sunny day, and I realised that my father had gone from home. And of course he took the key for the garage, where my bike was. So I did not go cycling, thanks dad! I was still mad at him because of the friday, and on saturday I thought I am going to explode. I was soooooo mad, that I haven't been like this a while ago. 
Finally I comforted myself with a little shopping in the mall, and I bought some goodies, including a pale pair of jeans, an oversized black shirt, and a pair of earrings. I went with my sisters, so it was even better, but I felt sorry for what happened afternoon. On saturday evening we did a little trip with my sister to the countryside, to get my her cycle home, but we didn't have the chance to go and try it out, cause I helped her wash her car, which took our afternoon. But on monday morning we went on a bicycle trip, and we biked for almost 3 hours, and we visited our elementary school, and the house where we grown up. When we arrived home, we were starving, and ordered pizza (yes, again :)) and when we couldn't move from the repletion, my sister started making pancakes. So, you can imagine how much I ate that day. And to be honest, I am just gaining, and gaining.....but it only shows on my stomach. :S 
Last but least, my yesterday was good. I had only five classes and we went to the palace of magics, where we took some funny pictures, and had fun. And even today we had four classes, so I am really pleased. And what's going on here with me? The storms became an every day thingv here, so I am not really get frightened, when suddenly the sun hides, everything gets dark, and it starts thundering, and the wind starts to blow. Then it all gone after ten minutes and the air is so much better. I can't wait for the summer holiday, and I feel very pissed when I think about that some schools are over. Mine lasts for June 16th. My summer starts at June 17th. Pray for me! :)


PS.: picture is a rainbow from yesterday's strom!


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