Sunday, May 9, 2010

The naughty birthday present

I've just woke up half an hour ago, and finally I could sleep 11 hours without waking up at my usual 6 am. It felt amazing, and I just love when I can sleep in.
Yestreday I met up with a few of my girlfirends, and I have to say that this was just an amazing afternoon. We started off with caramel cookies, then cheesy chips, salty chips, while drinking Ice tea in big portions, then party mixed sweets, then cheesy and onion chips, and then the last we could eat was a huge ice cream. We were laughing so hard all afternoon, escepially on the lots of food we ate. We were joking around, and I went home in the best mood I've had this week. When I got home, my parents arrived too, because they were out of twon for the day, cause they were celebrating their wedding anniversary, and they just ran out of the big city, to a small, romantic one, where they had lunch together, and walked for hours. I even got a suvenir, which is a beautiful porcelain spoon with the city's name on it. And we got other things too, like food, but the spoon was kinda outshinig, so I just mentioned it. Then the evening was quite funny too, cause we watched megastar, which is the same like american idol, but it's hungarian, and it's sooooo funny cause they are showing the auditions for the first 2-3 episodes. I laughed my heart out, cause the people who go there have no rationality about themselves.
When I was showering an important thing hit my mind, and I knew that I have to talk with my mom about that, so I quickly finished the best part about my evenings, and rushed to the kitchen in only a towel wrapped around me, and I saw my mom, my dad, and my sister doing something with a box, and when they saw me, they started yelling at me, that they thought I was showering. I said I was, but I need to to talk with moml, and stuffs like that, and this whole scene made sense for me when they started to hide the box from me, and just shut it to my mom's dresser. It was my birthday present. Gosh! I almost saw my present!! I was shcoked. I even told them how can they be so loose watching my presents when I can see it anytime if I rush to the kitchen just like I did. Gosh!
And now I am reading Rebel Angels by Libba Bray, the author of The incredible beauty, which was amazing and Rebel angels is the second book. It's great. But now I have to learn, cause I'll have a few exams next week, and later the afternoon we'll go out shopping.



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