Monday, May 17, 2010

Two birthday parties at one day

Hello there! I am back from a Monday school day which was pretty exhausting, and when I finally got home at 3pm I went out with my parents to a department store to buy some stuffs to my holiday with my class which will be next week's Thursday until Sunday. We are going to biking all 4 days long. I don't know how I will survive it, but I am sure that I have to collect all my streight to make it. 
I am still pretty tired after my birthday party which was on Saturday. There was even two. First with my family. Everyone were out, expect my mom, so I had time in the morning to make myself ready to everything. I washed my hair, showered, did my make-up...etc. We ordered a huge pizza for lunch and everyone arrived (mean: my sisters, sister's boydfriends, dad) and we just started eating, talking, and joking around. It was a really good, and calmed lunch. After all we could not move because of the lots of food, but my cake was waiting for us. I got a Sachertorte cause it's my favourite thing ever. I had the pink (or purple) elephant on it form Pooh and two pink candles showing 16. It was adorable. So we ate a little cake, then I got my presents. The big present was a camera, which I was asking for. It's pink and sooooooooooo cute! I had an oppurtinty to try it out at the party, and it's amazing. So I was waaaaay too happy. But when I first opened it, I thought that it's black because on the box there was a black one. But nevermind! I am sooo happy. I also got a memory card, and a pink camera bag. And a pair of earrings which symbols a kitty. So cuuuutteee! Again! 
At 5 I made my way to Merci's house to join to my party. You might know that I was sooo afraid that there will be only 3 people including me, I was nervous all day long, in the end, I thought I stay at home, but then I just made myself to go. When I arrived all of my closest friedns were running down the stairs, and I almost cryed. It was the cutest thing they ever did to me. When I got out of the shock of the surprise we started the party with karaoke, megastar, dinner, my second cake which was dobos torte (a famous hungarian cake) and just funny things. It was a really good night but next time I will recommend them not to do a plus sleep over cause we were all exhausted and it turned out that everyone wanted to be in their own bed, sleeping. And so what I got? I got a pillow with everyone on it, a book calles Mixed Doubles by Jill Mansell, a bracelet, a pair of earring, a jewelery holder, which is a doll, and it has a ruffled pink dress, and look amazing. I also got a bunch of chocolate, and just some other cute things which I can't remember. It was a really good day, and I am so pleased they did thid for me. So Thank you guys again! 



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