Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Terrible weather, dentists, musicians

Right now I am cuddled up to my pillow in my warm bed, cause that was all I was waiting for all day long. I need warmth! I need some suneshine to get back some color in my face. I look like a pale, and dry one-week-old piece of something. I feel  like I'm missing too much D vitamins, and get a little bit more hydration by the 2 weeks lasted raining. The weather here is like it was in February. It's cold, rainy and windy. People are walking around in heavy, winter jackets, scarves, and boots. In MAY! Come one! I am so sad, and depressed! I need to see somesunshine, and I want to wake up for the sun shining through my window in the morning, not for the frantic wind blowing the trees, and shaking my windows in the middle of the night. That's crazy! I hope this summer won't be like this at all. 
Today was also a freezing day and when I thought that it's over I had to go with Merci to the dentist, because she is very afraid of them, so I was kinda dangling her, by sitting with her in the waiting area, holding her hands, or just making her comfortbale in that stupid room where the walls has white tiles all over, and has that nauseous, but signature scent. As we entered the building it was all over in the air. And she was just even more nervous. She was that much nervous that she almost cried. I saw her eyes get watery. And don't get me wrong. It wasn't a simple checking, cause her tooth broke in half. She had to go and fix it, but the doctor, who is a comlite idiot, did not do it for her, cause I think she was way too lazy to move her ass. So she relived a bit, but she knows that he has to go somewhere else. 
The way back home was also freezing, and I almost fall asleep on the tram. I might get a little cold, I think, but I hope it will gone for next Thursday which is the first day of our hoilday with the class. Oh, I didn't even mentioned why I think I get cold. As we were searching for the dentist's (cause we didn't know where it was) we walked for a good 30 minutes I think, cause we somehow walked in the same street all over again. We even asked a few people and none of them could tell us where to find it. I was freezing, I was tired, Merci was nervous and she was making me mad after an hour listening of her snivel about the same thing. So I was a bit stressed when a guy showed us where to go, and as we were making our way to the clinic, we met with our music teacher. She is living here near the clinic. She was kinda surprised seeing us. 
Now I think I'm going to have a shower, cause I am freezing. Good night!



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