Thursday, May 6, 2010

The rainstorm-liking girl

Gosh! Researching people in the net is not always a good idea. I don't know what's true and what is not, but I am kinda freaked out, and I don't want to believe in these things, but still something tells me inside that this is logical, no matter how badly I fight for the opposite thing. I am talking about a person that I used to really love, and now I just don't know what to feel. I read quite bad things about this person, and the look of this someone is not matching with the article, but I still think that a bit of the "truth" (that's how they call it in the article) is true. I just don't think a look-like-a-really-sweet-person-even-if-I-just-look-at-him/her type of personality can do bad things like that. Ok, let's be clear, I don't know this person personally, but what I've heard and saw, my opinion is still the same, what I wrote down a line over. So, don't be jealous people! Don't be!
Yesterday evening there was a huge storm here, and to be honest, we could all feel it all day long, because all day we had no air, and we were all walking around in tank tops, but the sun wasn't even shining. So yesterday was quite hot, and steamy. When I saw the thunders and the black clouds above us,I ran outside, and I was waiting for the rainstorm. I have to say, I did not have to wait for too long, cause after a minute the raindrops started falling faster and faster by every second, and after an another minute it was raining heavily, giving the most amazing scent to me that I could ever smelled. I was standind by our window outside, and as the rain was pouring, the wind also started to blow crazily, and it blow the water straight to my face, then to my clothes, and I looked like a mad person with my curled-by-the-rain hair, and in my wet clothes cleaved to my body. I enjoyed the rain, and the smell of the fresh air, and also how madly the wind blowed my hair, and mixed it with the rain. I love storms. OMG! I just love the heavy rains in the summer. When I was a child I used to be afraid, and hide in the car, if we were somewhere, and now I really did regreted it. I love to jumping and dancing around freely in the rain, like cavemens danced when they wanted to bring or dismiss rain. I want to shout out how happy I am these times, and I could have the chance. We used to go to lakes a lots of time, because my dad is a big angler, and we always escorted him. There was nothing jus the lake, soem reed fibers, and a giant corn field. There I could shout and dance. But I just hid in the car. Gosh! :)
Today nothing special happened, I just had a little extra free time, which felt sooo good. I am kinda confused how to do the next Saturday, cause it will be my bday, and my friends decided to do me a bday party, as I mentione before, but it turned out that we will celebrate it with my family in the same day, so I am thinking about switching the dates somehow, but I don't want to piss off my friends, cause you know, they just setted it for me, and I changing dates, but I hope, I'll fix it. 


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