Monday, September 23, 2013

Slowly but surely.....100th post!!!!

Hi everyone! 

To be truly honest, I have really gone for the last....2 years....I had so many changes in my life, and I decided that writing a blog is not so neccessary while I had may more opportunities to spend my blog time for such "better" things....It was a mistake. Yesterday evenig I was scrolling through my blog and I really REALLY loved the way I used to write down every single moment in my life, and don't misunderstand me, I'm a not freak or anything , I just read things that I didn't even remember that happened to me. My posts were so detailed that I was amused....I really do miss that, so I have decided that I'm starting it again, trying to keep up and do blogging at least every other day, because the real reason I have started blogging was that I wanted to preserve my memories, the things that I might forget, the little odds and ends that made me happy or sad....and it DID work...:) I'm so amused how young I was and how many mistakes I made using my english...I mean I'm not professional either at the moment, but I found such base things that I wrote down incorrectly. By the way that was my second inspiration why I did blogging...I wanted to acomplish my english knowledge, and actually it worked. OK, I didn't became an interpreter but I did my English language exam, and I graduated in English in 99 percent. But slowly I just dind't really care about it anymore....and now...after 2 years I recognized that I have forgotten so much since then, that I don't remember words like "recognize" and "inspiration"...which is a SHAME. 
So back to the theme, I wanted to celebrate my recurrence in my 100th blog post, and I am going to make an update today on what's going on with me, but now I have to go, actually I need to get ready for a job interwiev....I'll tell you about it later. 



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