Friday, August 6, 2010

Amusement park experiences

I have to say that I feel extremely tired today. In fact I went to sleep today which means that I got home super late this night, cause you might know from my latest post that me, my sister and some other friends went to the amusement park for the nightime. YES! It started last year at my place, and they decided to continue it this year too, because of the high popularity. We went there at around 7pm and I think that I was so over the moon and I acted like a little girl again who weared her mother's high heel for the first time. I was way too cheerful. We started off with some funny things like Mirror World where I was smart enough to go into one or two mirrors while I was trying to find the way out. My friends were laughing so hard at me cause they taught it was funny....:) Then we just tried out the roller coaster which was scary for me just because as we were rolling down it lookes like each time that I'm gonna hit the boards with my head cause there were some above us. So everytime I was screaming and I closed my eyes so tightly and then I realised that I didn't hit it. :)
And from then the rough things started....just like Top Scan which is this: And thank god I haven't tried it out. My sister and a friend were brave enough, and when it started I barely could whatch it. It was spinning, and moving crazily in every way, and when they got off the ride, my sister was like, no way I'm gonna sit in this again in my entire life, which was weird from her, so I had a little suspicion how was it like. Then we went to the Drop Tower which was really amusing. It went up sooooooo high and then it just dropped us. That felt was sooooo bad. It was like when I dream that I am diving, but it didn't end. It brought us up to 12 floor height, and I have to say that the sight was amazing. Then we just tried out Ikarus which wasn't a big deal, but it was high too. We tried out some other things too, but these were the most important ones which I wanted to mention. And there's one more too....My absolute favourite one was Breakdance. I LOVE it. We were on it like 3 or 4 times and the first time I didn't want to open my eyes, but then doing the last ones I was moving with the dance. It was fun. But which was not fun at all, that after the last breakdance ride I felt like I'm gonna throw up. Gosh! It was sooo bad. I didn't even eat after like 3pm to make sure that nothing's gonna happen. But I was starving when I left home so maybe that was the reason, so I just relaxed, drank a little water, and I felt fine. We left the park a bit before midnight and we decided to go and eat at McDonald's, to make my starving stomach feel right. I was okay for a few minutes after we ate, but when we were leaving to go home, the throw up feeling came back. Gosh it was soooooooo bad. When I got home I didn't even showered. I washed my face and my teeth and went straightly to my bed, and I immediately fall assleep. But for my luck, at 8 am a thunderstorm just woke me up. So now I am suffering from the tiredness and from the hurt which left in my arms, and in my left from the yesterday's fun. But it worth it I think. 
And also. I wanted it to tell lastly. I drived for the first time yesterday. I mean it was just a Gokart but it felt sooooo amazing. I want to drive so badlyyyyyyy! I mean I was the slowest, but I didn't care about it. It was just sooooo much fun. 
Now I'm going cause I have to do some other things too, but I'll post some pictures for you guys!



Okie said...

I'm a big fan of amusement parks...but as I've gotten older, I find that rides like "The Beast" just aren't for me any more....they make me sick. I LOVE a good coaster with great speed and drops and twists and turns, but the ones like that which just pivot you around a single point, or persist in keeping you spinning and spinning...not for me anymore.

Mirror World sounds fun. I would love to go into a house of mirrors. Sounds like a cool, disorienting experience.

Thanks for a fun post.

dafo said...

Thanks for the comment! And believe me these crazy rides aren't for me as well! ;)

Love, LD

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